Monday, December 4, 2017

Cranberry syrups and cocktails

Cranberries: so pretty. So sour.

I had a lot of fun last week creating cocktails featuring this late fall and winter fruit for Gardenista. The syrup above is not really syrup at all. It is sour - like lemons meet pomegranates.

Over in my Festive Recipes story you will find five new cocktails, two syrups and this Cranberry Sour.


  1. OMG! The ABC store closes soon and i need to get more cranberries from the grocery before i can try any of these! And, which one first?? They ALL sound wonderful. Can't wait for the apple versions. Mille gracie!

    1. Thank you for your enthusiastic response, Win! These were really yummy, and fun to make. And cranberries are cheap... Make the hot syrup and the sour, and then...I don't know :-) But the crushed cranberries from the cold syrup are just amazing after a couple of weeks.


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