Monday, February 20, 2017

The days off

Weekend. We drove out to Fort Tilden. If you climb a hill on the barrier island you can see Manhattan.

And the bridge that hums like angry bees when vehicles drive over it. The weather was warm, but the world still said winter.

We stayed for a picnic. An elderly man skinny dipped nearby. He was tanned all over.

Then I came home to the soaking peas and fava beans. 

On the public holiday (Not My President's Day) I dug the overwintered greens back into the soil of the vegetable plot and added more oyster shell, for good luck. Then I planted two kinds of peas, the fava beans, some baby broccoli, 'Bel Fiore' chicory, Asian greens, 'Wasabi' arugula and watercress. I re-arranged some pots, moved a volunteer elderflower, planted some cinnamon ferns and Eremurus, was disgusted with some very poor quality Lowe's iris rhizomes (I know, what was I thinking?) and watered it all in with a kelp emulsion.

I found some forgotten carrots, too. Quick pickled with just salt and sugar they were very good.


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