Saturday, January 2, 2016

Winter's strawberries

The Alpine strawberries. In winter. I doubt they will ripen, but this is a sign of the winter we are not having.

It did turn colder on January 1st, and on our Frigid Forage in Central Park snowflakes fell just as we stopped for our picnic, on a hilly spot. The hot mushroom soup seemed welcome. We toasted the new foraging year with hard apple cider and spicebush cordial cocktails - tentatively named Hair of the Alpaca, by a foraging friend who is familiar with my wish for a pet alpaca to carry my snackpack.

The next forage walk I will lead will really be in the teeth of winter: 20 February, for the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy. Tickets are just $5 as the walk is underwritten by the Conservancy. Info here:

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