Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lilium superbum, North Woods

If you hustle, you will catch a glimpse of this stand of Lilium superbum in a southern, meadowy fringe of Central Park's North Woods.

It has been a privilege, during our nearly two-year sojourn in Harlem, to be close to Central Park, whose northern edge is a 15 minute walk south from home.  I have spent a lot of time in the North Woods, on my own, or leading wild plant walks. If we leave Harlem in our imminent move, I will miss this proximity to our urban wildness.

Grow these brilliant American tiger lilies/swamp lily/turks-caps in full sun or high shade, with dappled sunlight. They prefer damp ground. Once established they top six feet in height and are good paired with ironweed (Vernonia novaboracensis) and blue vervain (Verbena hastata).


  1. Such pretty colors. Love the orange!

  2. The behave like gloriosa lilies!

  3. I guess you have checked your legal options, to see if your landlord can throw you out so quickly.

    1. No, there was nothing illegal about this. It was just a disappointing surprise.


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