Monday, June 3, 2013

Cape Town to Bloemfontein - pictures while driving

Finishing touches, 6.15 am.

Cape Town to Kruger Roadtrip, Day 1:

Quick pictures posted from Bloemfontein after a long day's drive:

Entering the Huguenot Tunnel.

More rain and many waterfalls.

And snow!

(Welcome to South Africa, in the Hex River Valley...)

We stopped here, several times: snow, turning vines.

And into the Karoo, chased by rainbows.

Good roads. 

And sunset in the province of my birth. Hello, Free State.

...and goodnight. Twelve hours on the road. 

But what a road.


  1. Respect or die. I love that. Gorgeous country.

  2. And that, boys and girls, is why the white wine is so good!

    24 hours and I'll be off my own trip.No snow this time!

  3. Lovely...thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Yes, thank you for the clouds, mountains, vast stretches of openness.

  5. Beautiful road and country, thanks!

  6. ai die Karoo!

  7. You must have been exhausted by the trip which makes me especially thankful for you posting the pictures. Gorgeous, GORGEOUS country! Wishing you safety and good luck for the rest of the trip! :)

  8. Gorgeous sunset photos, Marie! Safe travels and happy visiting!

  9. My vacation in my computer. Thank you. The snow line was just fascinating. Never get to see that where I am- the hills are not high enough to ever have a snowline.
    Although you miss him, I know you are thankful that there is no cat riding along. Just opportunity to talk and look.

  10. Amazing to see the snow line in the Hex River Valley with the cloud glowering just above it, all stormy and heavy. And thanks for the addition of your whimsical captions - I am thinking of "Into the Karoo - chased by rainbows" specifically, it really adds something for me.

    Your goodnight image is truly the other end of the spectrum from the Cape mountains - a lovely dramatic shot of Free State at dusk.

  11. Beautiful views and pictures, every thing beautiful that can be found on a journey was there from Cape Town to Bloemfontein, snow covered mountains, water falls, lush greenery, I guess your journey must have been more beautiful than destination.

  12. I wonder how a journey can be this beautiful, finding the very best nature has to offer along the way! I am now more than eager to try this out. Must get my passport and visa ready.

  13. That is amazing country. Wow. Long day, long drive, but probably not nearly long enough to really take it all in! You couldn't have picked a better picture to end. Excellent. water damage Farmington Hills MI

  14. looks lovely--hope you're having a wonderful time!

  15. hi Marie!
    I'm a little worried about you,it's being quite a while we don't hear from you. Hope everything is alright.
    Waiting for new posts...

  16. My mom was born in the Karoo - I love it, so different from where I live now - beautiful green Ireland :) Enjoy your trip!


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