Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My mother's garden

 Images and story by Marianne Alexander. Garden by Maureen Viljoen.

My mother's Cape Town garden was featured in a five page spread in February's edition of Garden and Home (South Africa).

I spoke to my mom on Sunday and she sounded quite sad. It's that agapanthus borer. She is having to deal, clump by clump, with her afflicted agapanthus collection, which is extensive, and beautiful.

More about the borer later today. Arm yourselves with a stiff drink.


  1. Like mother, eh?

    I'll make a very strong coffee for the next post.

    Looking forward to a closer view or two.

    My sympathies on the agapanthus borer. Grrrr.

    xo J.

  2. So lovely! Yes, the Viljoen women have a talent for gardening and showcasing beauty. Now, I have to increase the font so I can read the article!

  3. Exquisite & inspiring -- thanks for sharing. Graeme Hardie should add your mothers garden to his tour list next time in Cape Town -- or maybe it is already!

  4. You must be so proud of each other! One of you "in print" is great, but both in one month is really extraordinary! I love her garden, but mourn her agapanthus. I have one struggling, but not from bores .... yet!

  5. It looks so serene. What a wonderful love to share.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing this article, Marie -- so beautiful! It's lovely to see all the wide-angle shots of your mother's garden, even if I happen to be partial to your (and Vince's) photography. :)

    Bucket loads of inspiration here, even if the xxxxx and xxxxx have me guessing, haha. Man, I cannot wait for warmer weather. I guess I too need to find a southern hemisphere winter escape.


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