Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Cape Floral Kingdom, on foot

Amphithalea imbricata

In the most recent edition of Soiled and Seeded I have an essay and pictures about walking on Table Mountain, Cape Town's unique garden-in-the-background. If you need any info about the flowers pictured there, please ask - I think they may have been deemed too bulky for inclusion...and while you are there, check out the wonderful images of marginal gardens in another article in the current issue. And then some tundra details, unveiled.


  1. Just read and wondered at your beautiful article in Soiled and Seeded. The pictures are stunning.
    Exceptionally well done.

  2. Oh, you have a photo of my favorite disa over there, nice!

  3. What a good article to showcase our wonderful fynbos on Table Mountain. Thank you and well done.

    1. Beautiful article and photos Marie. How lucky you are to be from such an incredibly beautiful place and how lucky that place is to have beautiful you document it so...ummm...beautifully.

  4. "blow your floral mind" is absolutely right!


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