Tuesday, February 21, 2012

After the mob

A morning in the woods of Prospect Park. Pretty from far.

Pretty even from up close.

Not too much has changed, though. We filled the usual bags with the usual stuff. Pulled up compacted paths and put up fences. 

After visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden across the road (check back for the crocus post, tomorrow), and fleeing the cafeteria - and my dreams of a bowl of chile - because it was overflowing with strollers and their occupants, I headed stoicly right back across the park and down into Park Slope, to Al di la. A small, private treat.

I feel self conscious eating alone, but I also enjoy it. With no conversation to remove your gaze from the plate, every morsel is considered. A white salad of rutabaga, celeriac, turnip (I think), Jerusalem artichoke and fennel. And then a plate of cavatelli with greens and some hot pepper, lots of lemon zest and creamy cheese. It was wonderful.  A glass of Verdicchio. A book about soil conditioning for inbetween courses. Many other tables were people also eating on their own. The man beside me with a Hemingway moustache.  

And the chile I could not eat at lunch is now simmering on the stove. Beef, beans, carrots and celery, additions of tomato jam, vinegar, cinnamon and coffee. Dough is rising, for small rolls hot from the oven. I am bone tired. And look forward to soft, cool sheets and bed.


  1. Sorry I missed it. Al di la that is;)

    The holiday made me think it was Monday and I rose at 8:50 to Betsy's coffee. Nice day though.

    Warmer later this week.

  2. Sometimes lunch on your own is just the perfect way to spend a couple of hours - especially if lunch tastes as good as that looks!

  3. Your lunch looks delicious. Every once in a while we need to treat ourselves.


  4. Coffee? I had not realized that, or did I miss the comment? But it was delicious!!!

    1. It needed something. So I added some coffee. It's a Southern thing - gravy for ham, say, has coffee in it. My mother makes a cream sauce for tenderloin by deglazing the pan with coffee. Surprising but provides a good base flavour.


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