Friday, February 10, 2012

Disas on the mountain

We had a good day. Our legs hurt.

Our hearts are full.

Disa uniflora en masse on Table Mountain. Gorgeous orchid. I have only ever seen them up here on the mountain, in or very near pure, running mountain water.

We have that water in the fridge, as I write. I love it. It is pale tea coloured from all the fynbos roots through which it runs, and is very soft. I've known disas to be culivated and heard that distilled water is used. Does anyone know?

We have seen the redness.

And I am very worried about this: dozens of buds in the Aqueduct were bent and broken by...the agapanthus borer? That's my guess. Same modus operandi. And I hope I am wrong.


  1. Exquisite! sleep fast so you can do more tomorrow.

  2. You lost me on the borer but, wow! I know almost exactly where these are blooming, I can hear the water drip down the mossy walls of the Aqueduct, I can feel the mist on my skin... I stopped there on my last run and there were only two Disas open, and I had felt privileged, but this... Stunning!

  3. Lucky you to see Disas in-situ !
    Gorgeous pictures ..

  4. little bit of paradise that second to last shot.

  5. Beautiful and serene. What lovely pictures.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. These same orchids in this same spot were one of the highlights of our trip last year. And entirely thanks to you. We're still grateful :)

  7. These are just sublime. I have been a bit orchid obsessed lately, but I have never seen anything like these. And so much more special to be in their natural habitat.


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