Friday, February 3, 2012

La Colombe

Our palate teaser at La Colombe, which succeeded. It was the best flavour of our lunch and I wanted more. A prawny, gingery veloute. Perfect.

Below, a new wine, for me. Beau Constantia Viognier, and not wooded, to my delight. I find many South African Sauvignon blancs (Thelema's latest offering excepted) too acidic for my taste, and this wine had a softer, floral finish which I loved.

My mom is lucky enough to enjoy lunch here regularly with a good friend. They take turns treating each other. I wait for my once-a-year treat. Except this will be twice - we booked for next week when Ellen will be here. The restaurant was put on the international food map, as I've said here before, by Franck Dangereux, who is now on the other side of the mountain in Noordhoek. His Foodbarn deli is one of the best in the city, turning out from its open kitchen superb pies, breads, desserts and roast chickens to go, as well as having a large communal table for lunch on site. The Foodbarn restaurant nearby has excellent service and slightly too much sauce on each plate. And is painted my new favourite seaside turquoise.

La Colombe's executive chef is now Scot Kirton.

Back to La Colombe, where we sat at 'the throne',  a table under an arbour commanding a view of the courtyard and its pool. A pretty plate with a crayfish (rock lobster) theme. If I'm being critical, and I think one can be at these prices, there was a heavy hand at work with the seasoning. And once the frizzled sweet potatoes appeared they kept appearing. They work. Once. And if one thing was cooked sous vide, half the menu was then sous vide, too. 

An older man across the courtyard, who turned his margarita-fueled and full, staring attention on us for most of lunch was pretty sous vide, too. My mother began to bristle. I put on my big dark glasses. A waitress was dispatched to our table to inquire about my marriage status. Big Frenchman, I muttered. 

Then the blueshirted man appeared in person, holding aloft a glass of wine and smiling an oily smile, sure of our grateful welcome. He had time to say, Hello, before my mother said, Goodbye! -  and that was that, though it took a while for the message to sink in. What can I say. I was longing to deal with him myself but orders is orders and mom was paying for lunch! At last our waitress put up a menu to block him off, below. Phew. It must sound silly but it was really uncomfortable.

Lots of drama. Instead of dessert we chose one of the palate cleansers designed for mid-meal - another thing that irritates me on a menu (I know, bitch, bitch bitch). But they work brilliantly at the end of a meal. Apple and cucumber sorbet with a Pimms fluff.

Dessert wine with treats.

The End. Good food, good wine and entertainment. The Sous Vide man is no doubt harassing someone else in Cape Town at this minute. 


  1. Oh I'm so glad I get to go there! How do you think the sous vide man would deal with a menopausal American kick-boxer?

  2. My mom's first plan of action was to go over and karate chop him, so perhaps you could perform a pincer movement? I think it would excite him, though.

  3. Sounds like you had an eventful and delicious lunch!

    I'm playing catch- up on the week- loved your post re the bloody ridiculous lollipop trees...can't tell you how many times I, my mother, my sister and generally everybody I know has complained. The camera story is a lame one- especially as cars are being stolen frequently, lollipop trees, car guards and all.
    Okay, I can feel my blood pressure rising- I'm off to get a drink...x

  4. On behalf of men everywhere, I apologize for the behavior of the Sous Vide man.

  5. Perhaps he just couldn't resist your considerable charms?

    If you like viognier we could schedule a wine-tasting week (or two!) in Virginia. That particular grape has become very popular here and one can compare lots of bottles (oaked and not) at lots of vineyards. It's a thought...

  6. No, no, no...I don't want Beence to make any sad faces. I'm sure Marie's mother took care of the guy. If not, send Estorbo with Ellen to help out!

  7. Dit klink hilarious, Marie. Vreemd dat die bestuurder nie man nie kom aanspreek het nie; ek sou dit by so establishment verwag.


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