Thursday, June 30, 2011

Litter Mob 5, help wanted

Rubus occidentalis

Our 5th Litter Mob will take place on Tuesday, July 5th in Prospect Park. I can promise you wild black raspberries, possible mushrooms, bird song and...litter.

If that sounds agreeable please get in touch and meet us at 9am at the corner of East Drive and Center Drive in the park, just off the Flatbush Avenue entrance to the park. Take the B/Q to Prospect Park, or the 2/3 to Grand Army Plaza and walk about 12 minutes.


We will be fresh off a long weekend in Pennsylvania and feeling quite grumpy. Apparently this July 4th weekend is notorious for trash. Will the woods have been hopping?

We shall see.


  1. I have an know that I'd help if I lived in Brooklyn. But, as I'm far away perhaps I could help-by-example and pick up some rubbish in my little corner.
    You may have "boskier woods than these" but the poor mangroves cop a terrible beating from careless passing traffic so I shall undertake to pick up as much as I can on the days you go to Prospect.
    Starting Tuesday.

  2. Oh, dinahmow, you made cry. Thank you.

    Um, the word captcha anti-spam thingie is...scrota.

    Is litter just physical spam?

  3. Marie,

    How young would be too young to go and help? Wondering from NJ.

    Maria, Plainfield

  4. Hi Maria

    Hmm, tough one. There will be condoms, used. Lube packets. This is essentially x-rated litter. There is the risk of disease, esp. hepatitis. Id say this is adult litter, 18 and up.

  5. IN Australia, first of March, they have a "Clean Up Australia Day" which annoys me, as high-profile types trumpet their cleaning activities. The rest of the year? They walk past it.

    My word ver is now mograp. Estorbo with shades and backwards cap?

  6. i love dinahmow's idea of cleaning another needy woody area. Can't do it this week, but perhaps next time. maybe you can start a worldwide movement."fortunately" our local city park also has the kind of trash (and activities) as Prospect Park, so we could have solidarity!

  7. If I should rise from the humid dead before eight. Grumpy, with bells.


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