Friday, January 9, 2009


Namibia minus 1 and counting...

We have: a tent and air mattress sleeping bags pillows charcoal for fires a gas cooker food food food for on top of the fires. We have matches.

We have:

polenta basmati smash spaghetti stuff-in-cans-like baked beans peri-peri long life milk Illy coffee small cabbages biltong lamb olive oil parmesan and garlic. And lettuce.

And lemons.

We have water purification tablets that I doubt we'll need mosquito repellant tonic water tot-bags of gin EpiPens First Aid Kit candles binoculars drums of water rusks maps cameras chopper for wood and spade for holes.

We have two cases of wine and Prosecco.


Shadow Country and Dreams from my Father to read.

We leave early tomorrow morning, next stop Vioolsdrif on the Orange River and border of South Africa and Namibia. After that Aus in Namibia then Sesriem at Sossusvlei. And after that a night at a guest house outside Grunau, the White House, where we will submerge ourselves in water with soap, and after that...we don't know.

I am discovering some things about myself that are not particlarly flattering. Like c.o.n.t.r.o.l. freak. I have always wanted to take the little side roads that looked interesting, not knowing where they lead, and now I can.

Now we must pack the Landcruiser. Titter. Talk about sardines in a can.

Oh, we also have sardines in a can.


  1. Have a good, safe trip you two!
    Love B

  2. Hi Marie. Have a safe trip, and have fun! (Hope you packed extra batteries for the digital cameras.) Have LOVED your pictures of flowers from your hikes around the city...most of them are flowers i've never ever seen before or even heard of...a whole new horticultural world.

  3. yes extra batteries for the 3 cameras 40 Gigs of memory card space prosecco white chocolate custard cream pies my aspivenin hats a very cool blue thermos duct tape a tarp as shade an extra jack swiss army knifes a fridge! nougat and I'm only sctratching the surface... ;-)

  4. Buon Viaggio Marie and Vince! It sounds like a really great adventure!

  5. I have loved your wildflower posts, Marie, now I expect great things from the Namib.
    Have fun, stay safe.


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