Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knysna the Good (mostly): Leisure Isle

The little bay (Bollard's) from which my grandfather used to launch his boat, long before I existed.

The truly awful view across to Featherbed Bay that Vince and I shared from our room at The Knysna Belle Guest House.

Because we had such tough days ahead of us, of eating and doing very little, we had to keep our strength up with serious breakfasts.

Below, the view from across the lagoon to the Outeniqua Mountains beyond.

On a misty Knysna day: low tide/ high tide

...on a postcard day: 

The black dots are the ENDANGERED Oyster Catchers (Vince won't believe me) with their two chicks.
I talked endlessly about Mackintoshes (which I called McGregor's) and couldn't wait to shop there again for spices and books and kitchen stuff I don't need. seeing this sign on the door...

...ticked me off.

But nothing some nice cold wait wine and a man with oysters couldn't fix.*

2010: the Oyster Company lost its lease. Rather a big scandal. SAN Parks - who own that land - did not behave well. The Oyster Company has relocated to the Oyster Catcher at the Waterfront.


  1. With that beautiful breakfast picture, your forgot to mention my awakening... to Marmite! ;-) My mornings will never be the same. And neither will my blood salt level...

  2. Yes, Marmite. rarely have I been as surprized. Son, you are one of Us!


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