Thursday, September 19, 2019


It's just a windmill, but close your eyes, and you can hear the sound of the Karoo. 


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Pride of Madeira

In my mother's Constantia garden the pride of Madeira, a Mediterranean native, is now a focal point. I don't recall having seen it in bloom, before. September in Cape Town is comparable to April in New York, in terms of stage-of-spring, although this Western Cape climate is Mediterannean, with wet winters (when all is well, and this winter it rained, at last) and dry summers.

Its botanical name is Echium candicans, and while it is a gorgeous garden plant it is potentially invasive in South Africa. Still, I have never seen a plant that attracts as many bees and other insects.

It is hard to stop taking pictures of it.

The clump planted at the edge of a bed is leaning sinuously.

And every flower is many flowers.

The garden is a daily delight, with all the plants, the view, dozes of birds and beautiful birdsong. After a short trip with friends to the Karoo last week (Snyderskloof, highly recommended) it is now back to work. Deadlines are pecking at my shoulders.


Sunday, September 8, 2019


In Cape Town they are called sundowners. And we watched the sun dip, and disappear. They say it was the first warm day of a cold spring.

It was good to sit with bare feet in the cool, silky sand, with real friends. And Thai lime leaves from Don's trees. Rosie's picnic.

That's it, really.

September at home. See you in October, Brooklyn.


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