Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Spring Thugs Walk

What is a botanical thug? What is a weed? And why?

Join us on a spring stroll this Sunday in Prospect Park to count the edible weeds beneath our feet, and talk about why we decide to poison some plants, but not others.

Highly invasive Japanese knotweed (Reynoutria japonica) tastes like a cross between rhubarb and sorrel. It is crisp when raw, meltingly soft when cooked. It is sour. In Forage Harvest Feast I wax rhapsodic about its culinary potential via recipes ranging from pickles to slow spring stews. Come and learn to identify its spring shoots, so asparagus-like in appearance at this time of year, and explore ways to eat it at home.  

We will also meet and greet day lilies, dead nettle, field garlic, dandelions, ground elder, lesser celandine, garlic mustard and mugwort.

The wild-inspired tasting picnic will feature, you guessed it: weeds.


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