Monday, April 30, 2018

Spring in six blocks

Welcome to spring in our hood. It began with the callery pears (notoriously weak-crotched - they split and fall on you without provocation - but welcome, nonetheless because spring took its sweet time arriving).

It is now the time for the cherries. The earlier, more delicate cherry blossoms are almost over, and the sturdy, ultra-bred and famous 'Kanzan's are almost in peak bloom. I took these pictures today, when I escaped proofreading to run some local errands (I needed mushrooms, shallots, carrots, and pea seedlings - the starlings ate my peas!).

New York in spring is not a bad place to be.

The vivid chartreuse blossoms belong to Norway maples.

This has got to be the redbud cultivar 'Appalachian Red.' Hard to miss. (If you are interested you can find my article about how to grow redbuds on Gardenista.)

I have not seen this garden, before. Just a block away and nice use of woodland phlox.

I had to keep parking my bike to take pictures. I think this is is an apricot tree. It is gorgeous. There were primroses planted at its feet.

Back home, in a misting rain, I planted the peas in the vegetable plot. My own garden is waking up. I think it snowed in Vermont. I started a boeuf bourgignon, in sympathy. It is our last chilly night for a while - late in the week it will be downright hot.

Careful what you wish for.


  1. No tulips yet? Love the fruit trees,, tho I dread the bloomin of the Kwansans since it means the beginning of the end (of the fruit trees). Sadly we have moved on to pollen season and with the heavy winds this spring, I'm having to use a mask to work outside. Yuck! But spring marches on! Lovely.

  2. I appreciate the sympathy.
    Two fresh inches of snow on Monday and today...83 degrees!

  3. I just returned from Spain to find my garden an overgrown mess. Apparently, my husband and the cats did not feel the need to weed while I was gone. The lilacs are going strong along with the bluebells, clematis and viburnum. To quote the White Rabbit,I'm late, I'm late....


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