Sunday, September 18, 2016

Late-late summer High Line

The grassy, seedy stage of pre-fall, and late-late summer (for regular late summer see that link).

The liatris buds of early July have morphed to seedheads.

Towers continue to rise as development rides on the coat tails of the High Line's success (and plain old real estate-ravenous New York City market forces), hemming in the High Line's previously fully-exposed planting schemes.

You can see the Frenchman's place of work way in the background. I'm not thrilled that he goes there every day, it's way too high profile. Or maybe that's a good thing. Now.

Off-the-grid living appeals more and more. Off-the-grid, apart from super-fast Internet, of course.

Cue cacophonous hyenas.

But back to the High Line. If you are in town, at such a time, do not miss the High Line under a blanket of snow. No crowds, and spookily beautiful.



  1. Love me a walk on the High Line when I am (rarely) in NYC.

    We're not off the grid, but we are in the boonies. I am more and more grateful for this reality each day. And our pathetic, weather dependent, sluggish, limited satellite internet is short lived. A high speed fiber internet connection is days away for us. Beautiful rural life and high speed internet...a modern combination?

    1. Yes, we want your life. Also your house! :-)

  2. Our internet was spotty until we reached Paris so I'm just catching up on some of your posts. I'd love to walk the High Line! Is it wheelchair accessible? I did get to see a bit of of the Promenade plantée when I was in Paris.

    1. Hi Kath - from the High Line website: "The High Line is wheelchair accessible via elevator at Gansevoort Street, 14th Street, 16th Street, 23rd Street, and 30th Street; and also at street-level at 34th Street. Wheelchair accessible restrooms are located at Gansevoort Street and 16th Street." Enjoy your travels.


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