Tuesday, February 23, 2016

My Tiny Garden

I had no idea till now that our Harlem terrace provided the cover for Lucy Anna Scott's new book, My Tiny Garden. The black diagonal lower left is the bird feeder - it got in the way of a lot of my own photos. But how sweet to see the Harlem birds and scarlet runner beans, months - it feels like years -  after that space has been taken apart.

Lucy and photographer Jon Cardwell visited the Frenchman and me last year, and stayed for dinner (above) on the terrace. Apparently the birds cooperated.

I've been lucky to have had both our New York gardens immortalized in print (the Cobble Hill terrace has featured in several books and magazines). The pleasure I take in these spaces is intense, but of course transitory, subject to the whims of real estate and New York rental life. Lots of heartbreak when they are demolished, but so much joy when we live in them.

I don't know how long we will be in our current space in Carroll Gardens, or how this garden will look at its best. I have seen it only in my head, which is where all garden dreams begin.

We shall see.



  1. It will be interesting to see what happens this spring. I am looking forward to seeing your plans take shape :)

  2. The poet in you keeps breaking out through your prose, Marie. Love that last paragraph, especially. We're getting so close to Spring now: good garden luck! Will look for the book.

    Diane in warmish & sunny Denver

  3. Did my post alert you to the fact that your garden was on the cover? I recognized it immediately when you posted about the book on FB. It's still sitting on my book stack....waiting for a peaceful hour. Hard to find these days, sadly.


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