Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I went out walking

I headed out into the icy world to walk off some dark thoughts.

Snow, then rain, then a hard freeze had turned the world wonderful.

On Lenox Avenue, outside the Martin Luther King Houses, the street trees sparkled.

At the top of Central Park the snow was hard under the freeze.

The Harlem Meer was ice block solid.

The North Woods, so green in spring, stood frozen.

Some ski tracks, some boot prints, and nothing else to show passage.

I walked towards the light.

My heart was scrubbed in the silence.

I passed two people, both with cameras, and both smiled.

I passed tell-tale pokeweed, for spring.

And a tufted titmouse. Who said, There are worse things.


Like being called a titmouse. For example.


  1. I wasn't expecting that last sentence, but now you got me to laughing!
    Gorgeous photos Marie ... this time of year is tough, the waiting for sunshine and flowers can seem an eternity.

  2. Lovely. I especially liked to one with the bridge over the creek.

  3. When asked "what kind of bird is that?" Rex would often reply, "Oh, that's a hairy-chested nut scratcher." And laugh.

  4. So pretty. There is beauty in every season. No snow yet in Georgia this year. I say "yet" because I'm really hoping for for at least a day or two. Most often our snows come several years apart and last year we got two so I might not get my wish for this year. I'll enjoy your photos meantime.

  5. Love your photos and thoughtful words. Your last line made me LOL. :o)

  6. So beautiful! Love the light.

  7. Love the light and everything looks so peaceful. We didn't get any snow this year :-( and now its getting too late or should I say to close to spring. We had an even milder winter than normal (PNW) and the daffs are already well up and showing color. Spring will come and bring the light onto your face into your heart.

  8. I miss snow. So I thank you for this.

  9. Eye Candy and a good laugh at the end...perfection.

  10. Beautiful! And the wee birdy is so cute. :>

  11. Nothing like the North Woods in winter to brush away dark thoughts in a dark apartment (and of a dark-and-handsome much-missed cat). Great titmouse shot. I miss that piece/peace of the city.

  12. Yes, this is the time of year when the dark thoughts seem to pop up isn't it. I have learned from you - get out there and walk them off.

  13. Boy! you touched a nerve with this post. Only a few more weeks and we can start to crawl out of the winter caves.l Saw a few forsythia yesterday ... there is hope.


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