Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Domestica - day in, day out

While mounds of snow stick like white limpets to the street edges, life inside goes on.

Drinks shaken with the flowers of last summer.

Dinners planned from a rack of spices.

Boules baked.

Broth boiled

Glasses washed.

Fish soup simmered.

Spicebush cordial cooked.

And always more hyacinths to stand guard against the dying of the light.


  1. Everything looks wonderful, and I particularly love the guarding hyacinths.

  2. You are a domestic goddess. Xo J

  3. Good food, wine and flowers - how we make it through the winter.
    Trader Joes was doing a brisk business selling flowers yesterday. Seems like everyone coming in the store grabbed something: daffodils, tulips, hyacinths. The need for reminders of spring and some color is great in snowy New England.

  4. So many wonderful smells came to me as I read your post. Thank you.

  5. No flickering flame is to be put out! The darkness have not overcome the light and never will!
    Gods Peace and enjoy the hyacints :)
    Ann-sofie Kassberg

  6. I can smell those hyacinths from here.
    My favorite xxx

  7. The woodpeckers have started their mating rattles here. Every one of your photographs inspires, and the colors of your hyacinths are particularly gorgeous!


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