Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Dusk - the brown animals

Cape hare, lièvre du Cap - Lepus capensis

One late afternoon at De Mond I left Vince hunting sunbirds and sugarbirds in the aloes behind the cottage and drove off to photograph an interesting little roadside garden we had passed the day before, planted outside a row of dilapidated farm cottages.

Afterwards, on my way back down the dust road in the Landcruiser, I stopped three times for three animals, the first wild ones we had seen while staying there. 

Steenbok (I think) -  Raphicerus campestris 

(...in a field, appropriately, for the Latin.)

Yellow mongoose - Cynictis penicillata 

S/he was about the size of a very long cat, with an excellent tail, to which the species name refers, "like a paintbrush."


  1. Absolutely beautiful...especially the inside of the steenbok's ears!! Thank you.

  2. I would like a paintbrush tail.

  3. That hare could be a herd member at the 7MSN Ranch.

  4. Wonderful, that Hare looks almost magical!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous creatures.


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