Friday, May 9, 2008

Serendipity many things. Like finding the green-eyed Frenchman of your dreams three thousand miles away at the end of a saucisson and a tutorial on HDR.
But it is also finding that the jar of jam in the back of the fridge, unopened since last summer, is not amelanchier, as you had supposed - good in its own way, but better for pies - but the red currant, black currant and raspberry jam made from berries bought at some cost at the Union Square farmers' market last summer. And quite delicous. Not too sweet, a little tart, with sugar only on the edges. Made to a recipe from Raymond Blanc's Cooking for Friends, but sans the pectin. To discover this one May later, is a happy, happy thing.


  1. Could you, would you, email me the recipe? I am a jam novice and am fascinated with jam-making sans pectin.



  2. Nah, you'd sell it to Martha, :-)

    Actually, because I winged it I'd give poor instructions re. the process. You'd have to be peering over my shoulder. Or under it. But I do recommend the book. He has a lot of jam recipes at the back and he's very good - never too heavy on the sugar. I use lemon juice to fill in for pectin. If it's out of print, try Kitchen Arts and Letters on the Upper East Side, on Lex. They're certain to have it!

  3. More beautiful in colour than rubbies and the best of gifts to give is the fruit of summer trapped in a jar. It speaks of time spent in the picking and making, and each time it is used reminds the person that they are loved and cherished.
    Love the pictures on your site. And my cats send their love to yours.

  4. Thank you, Jackie. And mine said something about sending the local raccoon to live out his days in Wales...there seems to be catmint trade-off involved.


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