Monday, May 19, 2008

Notes from a Tuesday. I mean a Monday. Are we there yet?

Bob on a serious call in his favourite spot.

London plane trees through the office window...

Below, Liz Christie irises behind bars on East Houston...

Irises on 1st Avenue at 2nd Street.

Upper East Side clematis, East 65th Street at Lexington...


  1. Hmm, would that be a Tuesday as in "Monday"?

  2. Hey, it's Edward Norton!!! Oh no, it's "Bob". Bob? Ok then, Bob.

  3. Why were the Liz Christie irises behind bars? Were they bad?

  4. Jim - They were not bad. They were...heinous.

    Poor things, it's not their fault, it's the neighbourhood. They are caught between the twin monoliths of the Wholefoods...thing-building and its counterpart apartment building now behind them. They were saved from extinction, but remember their roots (or tubers). In s(hort), they are confused.

    Ma Soeur - I mean's..B.o.b. yes.


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