Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Inoteca LES

Comme il faut...

The world lay heavy on our shoulders this Tuesday morn so Bob, Chris and I went to 'inoteca to cool off. That's a mixed metaphor, isn't it? OK: we went there to shed some load. Like Con Ed, and ESKOM. Except we gained some weight? Oh, it's complicated.

Prosecco, and the bubbles made us feel better.

...then this. The egg in a nest of bread, cheese, truffle oil, and a layer of asparagus underneath. There is no way to improve this. It is beyond reproach. Impeccable. As it should be.

At $8 for this egg-perfection, it's one of the best lunches in New York, and therefore, the world.


  1. Hey Beautiful! I MISS food... oh how sad I am sometimes... please enjoy for me! xo
    ps - sorry to hear about the planter!

  2. Katie! ...we'll send you care packages. Just tell us what you miss.

    ..and we will win the war on the planters. I hope.


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