Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not milk?

Satan and I had lunch at Momofuku today. Not 23 hours after having their luscious pork buns yesterday...

No, not milk: unfiltered sake. Slurp.


  1. Er, weight watching? (goes back and look at the pics on Beence's blog) Oh, I get it! You mean it's like bird watching. You take precautions to observe something completetly foreign to you and learn it's life habits? I admired your slim and trim figure but I guess you always longued for rolls of fat and disgracious bulges so now you're weight watching, hoping to catch some? I can't wait for you to visit! I'll be the one hiding in a closet downstairs ;)

  2. These glasses are definitely tall. I mean, they are almost as high as a bottle of ketchup. Uh? In a Japanese restaurant?

  3. 1. It's not ketchup, it's hot sauce. In a small bottle.
    2. The bowl in the picture is a mini-bowl. We were not sure what do to with it. Chris used it for his chicken bones. I used it for my rice. We figured that way we'd covered all possibilities
    3. The glasses were three and ahalf inches high

    You're just jealous.

  4. Can't wait to take you there: next visit!


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