Saturday, October 11, 2014

Shiso shrimp

After lunch with my friend Laura the other day, I walked across to the Chelsea Market and visited The Lobster Place, which is crammed with gorgeous fish and with tourists looking at the gorgeous fish (they are also eating entire steamed lobster, sushi and lobster bisque).

I took home fillets of mackerel for supper, monkfish (for a dinner party), two lobes of bottarga, because we eat it only in the dark, long-night months, and two giant shrimp, for an experiment. Then I was very poor, so I went home.

The latter, above,  made a very yummy and messy shrimp starter. Sauteed with olive oil, garlic and lime juice, drizzled with a quick, fresh sauce of finely chopped shiso, mint lime, sugar and salt.

We ate the mackerel that night. I slid the fillets on a tray into the blazing hot oven, with halved Muscat grapes scattered about, a drizzle of requisite lemon and some splashes of olive oil. After 12 minutes they were wonderful, and the grapes slightly caramelized.

If that fish market were any closer, I'd be in serious trouble.

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