Saturday, October 25, 2014

From the road

New Jersey: snapshops from the road.

 Of the fields...

Of the parking lots...

This sticker made me pause behind this car for a long while. Then the driver and his wife got out. The man who owns this car and who elected to sport this sticker was in his sixties, and was wearing Bermuda shorts. Pure white, with large, fuchsia pink, turquoise and yellow polka dots. I walked away then to look at some pumpkins, during which interval I composed a very good little speech. Mainly about his shorts, what they told me, with a short aside for his wife. Unfortunately (fortunately?), by the time I had turned back again and was ready to deliver this speech, the car had pulled out and driven off. Pity.

Of the stone houses, where it is dahlia season.

Of the river bottoms, the last wildflowes to set seed. This may be a Silene...does anyone know?

October has galloped by.


  1. NIce to get out of the city now and then. This time of year in far upstate New York is really spectacular. I try to get there every year or so -- Chautauqua area.

    The speech for the Obama haters is wasted. Most are just racists. Nothing you (or anyone else for that matter) say, would mean anything to them. Most are so stupid, they need regular watering.

  2. When did having an opposing opinion make someone a racist? I may not like everything someone says or the way they say it, but this is The United States of America, and many lives were given up to protect that right! Angela Muller

    1. There are plenty of countries were freedom of speech does not result in this (see bumper sticker) disturbing kind of sentiment.

    2. Expressing an opposition is one thing; urging extreme violence against a person is another.

  3. I'm going to skip the politics and go right to the photos which are lovely. The stone house and shutters remind of Provence!

  4. I thought the same as Kath about the Provencal=looking house.
    Semper what or whom? Polka dotted Bermudas, I guess.

  5. Happy Halloween everyone! I miss my NJ, i used to live in Teaneck back in 2000-2007.

  6. cheerfully advocating torture of the president? political differences aside, that person should take a good look at himself. hannah arendt had some choice things to say about people like that.

  7. Freedom of speech is one thing, but one must admit that there is a terrible racial hatred of the President. Our freedom may allow it, but does not require us to ignore it - unless we want to.


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