Friday, December 13, 2013


On the patio at the Knysna Belle, where we stayed on Leisure Island, were this little wagtail and her nest. Extraordinarily messy on the outside, the interior of the nest was a smooth cup. It was nestled in the slender branches of a potted hibiscus shrub, at eye height for me. About 5'9"...

Twice, walking past at night from my mom's room to ours, which was on the other side of the house, I looked in to see the small bird fast asleep, head under wing, chest moving up and down as she breathed. The sweetest thing imaginable.

At breakfast she would march up to the French doors, past the tables and people drinking their coffee and demanding cooked eggs,  and right into the house to the kitchen door to be fed.


  1. That kind of thing tightens my chest just a bit and gives me something good to think about for the day. Long may she nest there, in safety.

  2. Kwikstertjie! We fondly call my aunt, in Sedgefield, the "crazy bird lady" for looking after the wagtails that come demanding food from her. She buys and grates cheese specially for them :-)


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