Monday, December 9, 2013

Getting there, from here

Cape Town to Knysna - 500km, one picnic, three people, one paraglider.

We stopped at Swellendam's caravan park and campsite (above) for our picnic. The place was deserted but for two Piet my vrou's (red chested cuckoos) who duelled overhead in the branches. 

Cucumber sandwiches (laced with nasturtium leaves for my sore throat).

We drove onto Leisure Island at about 5pm. After unpacking I wandered to the lagoon edge and found that the boring seaside plant of my childhood, then ignored, is in fact dune spinach (Tetragonia decumbens), above. Go figure. Edible shoreline. And more nasturtiums in the garden of the Knysna Belle. Good.

Later we walked down five doors to find our dinner, and afterwards we walked back in the dark, listening to the lapping of the small waves. There is a house for sale on this road - one of the older, unchanged, quiet ones.

That would be nice.


  1. Temptation? A opportunity....

  2. Every bit of countryside you show is more beautiful than the last!


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