Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Supper table

Last night's dinner table. The only culinary mishap was the duckmeat curry, which dissolved into duck mush curry - but stilll with an very good flavour. It's a curry paste I'll make again: lots of ginger, shallot, garlic, some chillis/chiles, cumin and white pepper.

The lime leaf-infused gin disappeared in a flash. Must make more.

And tomorrow we do it all again, but on a smaller scale, for a family Christmas dinner.


  1. Is ginger ale ham on the Christmas menu? I read about it A Delicious Life last night. I want to be that grown man crying some day.

    1. You must maaaake the ham. No - we're having a leg of Karoo lamb, dripping down onto a bed of crispy potatoes (kept on the shelf below). Peas with lettuce. Watermelon salad to start. Cherry clafoutis to end. What are you having?

  2. Our Christmas is mu husband and I and we're having pot roast with all kinds of root vegetables and roasted rosemary potatoes. On Saturday, 12/28 our friends will be over for Christmas and we'll have rare beef tenderloin (wish me luck as I've never cooked it before), roast asparagus and Brussels sprouts and mashed cauliflower....dessert on both day is likely to be quite simple, but not sure what yet! Happy Christmas to you and your family and especially to Storbie :-)


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