Sunday, September 18, 2011

What to do in September

Gather nectar while you can. 

Collect pollen while it is there.

Admire the Japanese anemones wherever you can find them.

Note that the mint, which grows in an inch of gravel,  has flowers.

Put out your second flush. It's not over till it's over.

Drink with garden-dirty hands.

Watch the autumn clematis, which you thought you had killed (on purpose), but which mistook its beheading for hard pruning,  make foam.

Squeal at the Ruby Streak mustard greens which emerged three days after sowing. 

Pick some more Alpine strawberries.

Eat first the egg...

And then the chicken (fall back roast chicken recipe here).

Toast some tortillas.

Slow-cook some pork and make smooth its sauce.

And wrap them up with the first good avocado you have eaten all year.

Just suggestions. You may have other ideas...


  1. dear lawd, those tacos look good. luv the post-gardening drink, too.

  2. Garden-dirty hands are the best! Well, I did try to clean up for the opera on Friday, but with little success.

    Your clematis is lovely - sorry you don't really want it.

  3. My clematis 'Mayleen' has behaved in much the same way. And whilst not trying to kill it, it does need some firm handling from time to time. A real beauty in the spring and smells of sweet vanilla :) And the egg looks divine...!

  4. Beth - I am still pondering the structure of your grouse carcass, never having seen one before...

    webb - which opera? I dreamed I was in Le Nozze di Figaro except I was singing the second Queen of the Night aria. Oops. I like the autumn clematis, now. It's just very funny that it is doing so much better since its near--death experience. It needed to be pruned and I was too stupid to realize that...

    jelli - Gosh, sounds wonderful. Vanilla. Maybe I need another clematis.

  5. The roast chicken looks delicious. Have you posted the recipe?

  6. La Traviata - my very favorite from the first cello note to the last! [review here:] Going to see it at The Met in April. Can hardly wait! Have you sung it? surely, yes.

    Guess a near-death experience makes one change one's attitude and perk up - even if one is a clematis!

  7. Nothing to do with this post, but wanted to make sure you knew about Science Friday's recent rerun of a mushroom foraging story in New York Botanic Garden.

  8. Lovely! It's spring here of course, but I've been enjoying so many of the same things. Bees! Flowers! Strawberries! And quite by chance a wrap with meaty sauce and avo for my supper this evening also.

  9. I would love to eat a good avocado - haven't had one this year. They stay hard until they finally seem soft enough to cut open, and then I find half of it's rotten. Still hoping...

    Your chicken looks very nice! I need to find something new to do with chicken.

    Those alpine strawberries are bizarre - I've never seen the likes of them. Are they wild or did you plant them?

    I love September!! Fall is my favorite season.

  10. Autumn Sky - yes, there are many variants of the chicken over at the food...also see link in post :-)

    webb - ah, good one. Parigi, o sad. No, I have not sung the role, just an aria and that duet from it.

    Katie - thank you, I did not.

    Helen, this betwixt season here and there has some similarities, especially in the air.

    peppergrass - yes, that has been my 2011 experience of avocados. I should look into it. Maybe it is the year of the great avo blight? And they are so expensive. Over $2 each. The Alpine strawberries closely resemble the real thing, which I have seen and tasted growing at altitude in Switzerland. I do not remember the name of this cultivar, unfortunately. Jim Glover grew them on the North Fork of LI. They are very soft and delicate when ripe, very scented, and slightly tart with the sweetness.


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