Friday, September 2, 2011

We ate August

You wonder where a month went. And then you look at the pictures. Oh. We did all that? 

Not all our meals are here, but some that stood out. Above, meadow mushrooms on toast, a highlight of August. Mushrooms from Prospect Park.

Lamb's quarters, pigweed and olive pizza. Pigweed from the terrace and the lamb's quarters ('fat hen' elsewhere) from the depot where all the heavy equipment for Prospect Park lives.

Sea rocket and roof tomato salad. 

...with wide pasta...

...and Nigel Slater's peach and blueberry cake.

Chicken breast with cream and grapes.

And tomatoes.

...for sloppy bruschetta.


Purslane and lamb curry.

Summer savory and herb rub for ribs.

Baby back ribs with the herb rub.

Pizza with anchovies.

Salade Niçoise with fresh tuna.

Tagliatelle with August sauce.

Sinful breakfast for One.

Mozzarella and anchovy toasts.

And, of course, Le Blob. Prosecco jelly with cherries.



  1. There is an entire cookbook there - simply delicious

  2. Burp is right. You eat well.

    Is the chicken and olives over pasta recipe at the food? I'm now hungry for that.

  3. Love all of it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Holy cow. I'm too scared of heating up the kitchen in August to actually cook. I'm suddenly ashamed of all the salads and sandwiches that I've made my family eat lately.

  5. Hen - working on it :-)

    Frank - yes, sorry, the link is there now. We are still not convinced about warm olives.

    Jean - thanks.

    Brian - it's been a very strange month, with some cooler, drier weather in there. We've eaten a lot of cool food, too. Your family sounds quite happy, to me!

  6. Next august, your place?

    Still waiting for sausages. What boat will you be on?

    xo Jane

  7. jane - when do you leave the isle of fire? And uh, where are you?

    greenlight, rotfl - because we did not eat it all at once??? And, while I have fewer excuses, Vince runs a lot. I could lose a few :-)

  8. making today, but omitted the olives -forgot them and didn't want to go back out.


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