Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Check list for dinner and living

Write a mea culpa letter - check
Deliver letter with a bottle of wine - not yet
Find a rabbit for a terrine for tomorrow night - check
New York State bacon for wrapping rabbit terrine - check
Irish banger mix for inclusion in rabbit terrine - check
Roast hazelnuts for the rabbit terrine - check
Debone poor rabbit - not yet
Buy lamb for abacchio alla Romana - check
Cheese - cow, and goat with truffles - check
Cream for panna cotta with juneberry-infused bourbon - not yet
Wet to the knees - check
Delivering spice mix to butcher for more boerewors - check
Pick terrace strawberries - check (and eat; I really aced that one)
Find Brandywine tomatoes (if there are any left in the state after Irene) for tomato/basil consomme - not yet
Write Plant of the Week for about-to-die Shelterpop - not yet
Devise name and outline for BBG class next spring  - working on it (hint, it involves plants)
Make terrine - not yet!
Make panna cotta - how can I, I haven't got the cream, yet
Call husband to make ask him to buy cream - excellent idea
Porcini ravioli for supper tonight - check
100 sit ups and 20 push ups - not yet!

Oh dear. Must debone the bunny, now.


  1. Your To-Do list is marvelous. I've never thought about doing most of the things you have listed.

  2. You've been a busy girl. All those good dishes waiting to be made for some lucky consumers. Sounds delightful!

  3. Relax, my birthday not till the 18th.

    You're going to teach a class at the BBG?

    Big news.

    xo Jane

  4. You are cooking a bunny ????
    And going to teach a class at the BBG?????? I'm missing something.


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