Saturday, September 3, 2011

Last weekend of summer

I invited Ellen and Michael to dinner next week, hoping for cooler weather on Wednesday, and so far it looks perfect: a mere 70'F. I am thinking of making a rabbit terrine with pistachios, and either braaing a butterflied lamb leg (I know, meat!) or making the unlikely sounding but delicious chicken bouillabaisse. Or even real bouillabaisse. It is a September habit, but perhaps it is time to break it. In the meantime, the clematis (Etoile Violette) has bloomed again after I cut it right back. It looked dead, it acted dead, the leaves all died. And witness the resurrection.

The Agastache "Black Adder" flowers forever. 

And I have moved more strawberries to the roof. Not sure if that is a good thing. We'll see.

Terrace, cheese, figs. Cat on guard up above. Tomorrow I will prep the pots on the roof for cool weather leaves.


  1. Hey, Storbie - isn't your "cheeseometer" working?

  2. Figure in doorway suggests Vince's cheese-ometer is working just fine.

  3. Marie, your rooftop looks like my large asphalt driveway filled with containers of veggies and flowers. Very inspiring. Thank you for your great blog.Rennie in Florida.

  4. With Storbie there, it looks like a peaceable kingdom. We'll just ignore earthquakes and hurricanes and focus on the lush greenery.

  5. It is unbelievable what you have done with this place. Very inspiring! I will come more often to see your beautiful photos:))


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