Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lilium "Red Velvet"

Whoowhee! It is Planted in April, and ordered from The Lily Garden.

I don't think Sylvia Plath would have liked them.


  1. Too bright, too gorgeous, too happy for Sylvia.

  2. I love lilies although I have stopped using them in my garden. I just get plagued with the red lily beetle if I do. x

  3. Yes...poor Sylvia.

    I have not yet met the red lily beatle, Louise, and hope not to! I admit I would be a bit profligate if I had more space... Perhaps, like Beverley Nichols in Merry Hall, I would stuff my car full of cut regal lilies and take them to my friends. I imagine the turkscap sort of lily would look gorgeous in your patch?

  4. Very red indeed. A gorgeous, glorious gradation of colour!


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