Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Chocolate mousse

This was rather a happy invention. Sort of: nothing is invented. Derivation. There. I have a clear conscience now.

You need:
1 friend who likes chocolate
1 small bar dark chocolate (85grams - the friend is small)
1 small carton cream (230ml)
1/4 cup of ground/powdered almonds

Whip the friend. I mean the cream. (First invite the friend to dinner.) Whip and chill the cream. Over scant heat, in a heavy-bottomed pot (the friend is not heavy-bottomed* because she eats small portions of things. My own bottom is behind me so I can't really tell you anything about it), melt the chocolate. Most books would tell you to do it over a bowl of boiling water. But I think if you watch it like a hawk you're OK. The chocolate must just be melted to the point of imminent collapse, where, at a touch of a wooden spoon, it gives up its shape and becomes soft. Sir it fast. Then whip it off the heat. Scrape it into the whipped cream and then mix it in completely with the whisk until all the lovely dark trails of chocolate in the white cream have blended into pale brown. Stir your powdered almonds in, and pour into little cups or shot-glass things for dessert. Chill again. It made three small glassesfull. So if you have a dinner for three, this is for you. Or if it's just you (and there are worse things), three days of chocolate cream!

* Which brings to mind Tant Sienna, and I am relying on memory:

Suid Afrika! so moes Van Wou
Presies soos sy jou beeltnis hou:
Swaar die verlede agter, hoor,
Maar swaarder nog die toekoms voor!
A.G. Visser

And as Jay says, Ons fok maar voort!


  1. Whip the friend!!!
    You're killing me!
    Looks so so good.

  2. Was the third one for Estorbo? Did you share??

  3. Hoes, poep, lippe klap, hoogspring, naai en baklei !! A sundry expression from nowhere.

    I could easily polish off all three chocolate potjies in one sitting.

  4. I think it was Confucius who said that...

  5. I shall not have any trouble to find a friend who likes chocolate. If busy, there is always me! I like these simple recipes you can knock up in no time. Thanks for the recipe. x

  6. Hi Mary...yeah, some friends need a little whuppin'..:-)

    Jane, not a lick!

    Guy! That is what must be going on in the little river hills behind Stilbaai. We would not use a potjie for you, Guy, we'd sommer pour it into an emmer!

    Sigrid - it may have been the Safrican version.

    Louise, my pleasure!

  7. Me, me! [This friend stands in line waiting to be whipped]

  8. One of those posts that makes me gain a pound or two just by reading....!

    This sounds so creamy and divine....

    I'm printing it out for my bloggy binder, filed under "Recipes" tab...

  9. net solank dit 'n glas emmer is - ek wil die tjoklet sien!

  10. Have you seen your apricots lately?

  11. Lavinia - you're so right about a pound each. I thank my stars I don't have serious sweet tooth. French fries on the other hand...cheese. Butter. Bread. Oh dear.

    Thew - yup, greenish. Looking forward to the local ones at the farmers' markets.

    O, en Meneer Buurman: Seeing it is half the fun, I agree.

  12. I feel very left out. There should be mandatory translation on this blog. C'est pas juste!

  13. Beence: Guy eats with his eyes. He desires his bucket of pudding to be glass in order to see the chocolate through the sides.


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