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  1. HI Marie! Love love love your blog. You are both an inspiration. You have a wonderful voice even though I've not heard it. I just happened to see that have done calendars on the past. Will you be offering one for 2018? Thanks. So much and please keep on blogging. You're amazing!~Sheila Bishop

    1. Thank you so much, Sheila! I will not be doing a 2018 calendar though. Sorry about that!

  2. For scale. Hot water, a squirt of dish detergent, 1/4 cup of Epsom salt, splash of white Vinegar.Shake pour into spritz bottle,spritz and wipe. Another way I have done both. Take plant out of its pot,take a sharp knife & cut 1/4 inch off bottom and all around the ball root. Get SHULTZ plant food plus. Once you've made ur cuts and filled pot w/new soil follow directions on box and your treating it systemically. Water well!


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