Saturday, December 5, 2015

The December salad bar is still open

Above, a second sowing of arugula, planted in late September.

Remember the variegated arugula plant? Still going strong - and most of our salads come from this first sowing, planted when we moved in, in late August, and enjoyed as early as September.

The second sowing of red mustard.

And at last! The m√Ęche (lambs lettuce) came up once the temperatures dipped regularly overnight. 

I still pick fava bean shoots every week. I will leave them in the ground, and maybe they'll add a nice bit of nitrogen to the soil.

The fenugreek is surprisingly cold hardy, but we have only had one or two frosts. The weather has been unusually mild.

Unless I need radicchio or crave a crunchy Romaine, I do not buy salad leaves anymore, for our nightly salad. Which is wonderful. I grew a lot of gorgeous greens in our roof farm pots, in full sun, but this amount of in-ground space does make a big difference, and I am very relieved that the leaves seem to do well with no sun at this time of year - what you see in the last photo is reflected from the windows of the houses opposite us (where Beeskwee - actually Biscuit - the barking golden retriever lives).

I wish we could be like Italy and Norway, and install giant mirrors on the neighboring rooftops, to direct humane daytime sun into our shadowed valley.

In the spring I shall expand the salad selections...

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