Friday, December 11, 2015

Dog of the day

Whippet pajamas.

On Atlantic Avenue, outside Atlantic Fruit and Veg., tonight.

Later, after I had shopped, I passed the walking whippet, with his owner, a tall man of the same vintage (once dog and man years have been calibrated), walking east, with their shopping cart.


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  1. The pants have...turn-ups? (If they'd walked in the other direction they might have met that poor little Boston Terrier in hand-knit Fair Isle...)

  2. Somehow it looks very NYC. Actually, it would not surprise me that whippets need a coat there, but I thought you all were having a warm spell, too. Perhaps it was an early Christmas present and she felt the "need" to start wearing it.

  3. The whippet would need a raincoat an wellies here :-)

  4. That poor dog looks like it just knows how ridiculous it looks!! Is that a velour jogging suit? Too funny!!

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