Monday, June 15, 2015

Raspberries and roses

The black raspberry has risen high on my list of Toughest Plants - so much died after last winter, but it and its rooted offspring kept going. The fruit is ripening overnight. It has made many new canes which will produce fruit next year (and perhaps even this fall).

And the first roses have opened. Above - supposed to be Boscobel (to replace last year's, which died after winter)...but I wonder. It is very pale (and pretty). I was less impressed with this year's David Austin shipment: the bare root roses were pruned badly, random cuts way above buds, so that there was a lot of dieback. I liked Boscobel because of its performance in muggy heat.

Below it is an ornamental portulaca, but you know me: it will find its way into our daily salads - it is stuffed with omega-3's.



  1. your raspberries look great, didn't know portulaca was edible

  2. Leslie in OregonJune 15, 2015 at 5:03 PM

    Fresh black idea of heaven!! And yours are beautiful...enjoy! Leslie

  3. What are your raspberries planted in? I've been thinking of doing some on my patio but haven't quite decided on a container for them.

  4. I am so impressed, because this is the first other balcony I hear of, that has raspberries planted on it. I have three different kinds, and the one with the thorns, is "Theodor Reimers" and it grows the strongest and tastes the nicest. I have it in a box 40 x 30 x 50 cm and two raspberries grow fine in it. It is a pleasure, a heaven! Lana, I have written about how to plant it on a balcony. In German. But, you always have google translator. Yours, Giorgio.


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