Monday, June 23, 2014

Mo' roses

Am I overdoing the rose posts?

It's just that when these are kaput it will be a while before they re-bloom. Because of the the sun thing (not much of...).

Boscobel is above, Darcy Bussell, below, turning quite carmine after her blackly red beginnings. Both hold up well in the middle-of-the-day blast of heat they receive.

The one rose not doing too well is the new Abraham Darby - I placed it too far back on the terrace, closest our bedroom door, in the hopes that I could train it up 'n over. But the sun stays there not very long at all. I may have to do a switcheroo. The Brooklyn Abraham Darby is in the planter box at the southern edge of the terrace, and gets the most sun. It is happy, even though it is sharing with low life nasturtiums and strawberries and Echinacea.

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