Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wired up and plugged in

Baobab outside Balule camp

We are back in Cape Town after a two week trip that took us by road from Cape Town - South Africa's Southwestern coastal tip, to Kruger Park, in its Northeastern, Lowveld corner. We traveled from the green wet winter and snowcapped mountains of the Western Cape to the dry blonde grasses and baobab trees of Mpumalanga. We have thousands of dusty kilometers under our belts and feel as though we have been a lifetime away.

Dawn drives and thermoses of coffee, nighttime fires and beds under the tall peaks of thatched rondavels, elephants trumpeting in the bush near our tent, hyenas whickering in the light of our fire, and the comfortable grunt of nocturnal hippos. Freezing nights and summer days, and Karoo lions roaring at sundown.

Where to begin?

Regular blogging will commence soon.


  1. We will sit quietly, waiting...

  2. I'm almost howling for a break like that...

  3. Missed you. Can't wait to read more, well except about the hyenas....

    xo J.

  4. Glad you're both safe and sound. Sleep now, write later.

  5. Welcome back to the internet! Can't wait to see photos.

  6. ...............hoorah!


  7. Been waiting in the tame environs of Madison Wisconsin for reports of your adventures - hippos, lions, hyenas - bring them on! Here there was a largish Blandings turtle, a few weeks ago , but it didn't whicker much at all. Isn't it good to unplug for awhile every now and again? T

  8. Yes- have been waiting none too patiently to see your photos and read about your adventures! Whenever you are ready to start sharing stories, we'll be ready . . .

  9. Good to have you back online. Very much looking forward to your reports on adventures on the road.


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