Sunday, June 15, 2008


Four days after being incinerated in the crazy heat wave, the climbing Iceberg is putting out new growth. It also shoved a note under the door asking me to please stop staring at it.

The herbs planted yesterday were showered upon by a lot of very heavy rain last night and are still upright. I spent a couple of hours on the terrace this afternoon, pottering: trimming the three boxwoods (all rescues and filling out very nicely) and emptying a pot that has seen better days , pre-frost shattering. It must go. The fig is definitely on the mend but I suspect it will be another year before I enjoy its fruit. Pity.

The lilies still have their buds. I have totally forgotten which one these are. We'll have to Wait and See.

And a bee came looking for his usual haul of pollen. Nothing. Instead he got a soaking and had to rest on a wire basket.

Stunning cumulus clouds to the east.


  1. Wow, stunning! It's a towering cumulus turning into a cumulonimbus, (Cb) which might eventually reach as high as 20,000 or 30,000 feet... I read somewhere that during a storm, a Cb contains as much energy as the electricity consumed by all of France for 5 minutes!

  2. Is that what that paraglider got sucked into? Where the other winged person was killed?

  3. Yup. But they make for good photos, so who cares about a few less paragliders... ;-)

  4. The last pic looks like a magnificent painting...


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