Monday, June 16, 2008

New York Summer: daylilies and linden

I love these old fashioned daylilies. Orange, long-stemmed, shortlived. These are in Cobble Hill Park. I don't know anyone who has them in their garden, or I'd be hitting them up for the buds, to eat in an early summer salad. I'm a little obsessed.

About 30 feet away, this linden tree's buds have opened fluffily. True to (my) tradition, their scent was present, at last, beneath the cover of thunderclouds.


  1. You do now, although I don't know the colour of my daylilies either. I was given some divisions by a friend which she left on the doorstep, and I never did find out what colour the blooms were to be. One plant is showing signs of budding, so hopefully I shall find out very soon. x

  2. Hmm. I look forward to seeing a picture of it on your blog, :-)

  3. I grow day lilies in my roof garden. I didn't realize that the buds were edible until just the other day ... I saw the buds for sale in a salad mix at the Union Square greenmarket.


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