Monday, June 30, 2008

More courgette flowers

At the farmers' market at Borough Hall in Brooklyn...

They were quite sandy so I floated them for a while in water in the sink...

After slicing the courgettes themselves I cooked the green part first in a little butter, then added the flowers at the last minute and sauteed gently for a minute or two, adding a little squeeze of lemon juice, salt and peper. That's all.

What? I didn't stuff them??? No. I didn't.


  1. These colors remind me of Provence so much...

  2. Maybe we should move there...

  3. I've only ever had them stuffed. Hmmm, this is new to me...wait till I tell my mother!

  4. What a terrific crop to find all in one bag. Calorie laden, but have you tried them in a light batter? x

  5. Louise - my mom has made them in a light batter, and they were delicious. I was lazy!


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