Saturday, June 14, 2008

Glorious pig

I wanted to recreate in Vancouver the shoulder of pork I made for Cinco de Mayo here in Brooklyn, but the local purveyor could provide only ribs. So be it. I like ribs. Really, the pig was an excuse to accompany dinner with margaritas - and it is robust enough to stand up to the lime and tequila combo. After a very unhappy experience with tequila in my late teens, which involved a phantom herd of wildebeest (hi Vissie? Do you remember Pancho's in Obs??) - I swore off it for a long, long, long time. But I'm back. It is a good drink, if it is good tequila. And if you know when to stop.

I did not broil the tomatoes and onions first, as one should, but put everything in a dish together and cooked long in a low oven (250' F, 6 hours). The key is the onion, garlic, tomato and orange slices-plus-juice combination. I added some lime too, and in the absence of anchos (Vancouver has not heard of Mexican ingredients that do not come out of a can) I substituted hot sauce and raisins! Worked very well, too. The recipe proper is here.

Add the blessings of sour cream and cilantro, and the margaritas, of course, and you're set.

This picure was taken about ten minutes before I tried to take another, and dropped my camera right into my dinner. When Vince and I picked ourselves up off the floor from laughing he fished it out carefully and wiped it down. No harm done.

It's quite funny seeing a camera in a bowl of pork.


  1. "No harm done"?... "It's quite funny seeing a camera in a bowl of pork"?...

    I had just had a flash! This iso hurting my sensitivity. I'm calling the Board of Precision Optical Instruments and the Office for the Protection of High-tech Consumer Objects to complain about abusive handling. Or the lack thereof, leading to said lack of harm done. We cameras have rights. I will dial and get exposure. I will shine a light on this. My resolution will not blur a bit. I will not lie in the shadow. My body is shivering with outrage. My action will be a display of strength and sharpness. I am going to program myself to win. I will give priority to speed in my replies. I will highlight the contrast between my willingness to let them shatter me and my desire to shutter. I don't fall in the shameful bracket of passive cameras. I'm developing a strong attitude out of my old raw negative views. I am focused. I'm not going to sit back like a pouch potato. I will use my face recognition to single the guilty parties out.

    And once I get recognition, I will FRAME it!

    I feel like I am missing a screw.


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