Monday, February 25, 2008

Winter bloomers: flowering quince

...and I'm not talking about mink-lined underwear.

I pass this bush on my subway-walk just about every day, on Congress between Court and Clinton, and appreciate it only at this time of year, much like a previous post's witch hazel. It is Chaenomeles japonica, or flowering quince. It has an unfortunate flower-colour: pastelly salmon. Perhaps just unfortunate in front of a brownstone. A white wall would be different. Anyway, at this time of year one can't be too picky.

Last Friday it was covered in snow.

Today, three days later, it is covered in buds. I would like to design a hedge of this stuff and keep it quite hard-clipped. And there are better colours available now. But it's plant for people who notice these things, and some just couldn't give a toss.

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