Sunday, March 6, 2016

Wild cocktails

I was asked to create some special cocktails for a party that Remodelista is throwing ahead of their annual NYC Market this weekend. To me, special means wild flavours, and the more local, the better.

It has been fun. Brooklyn juniper berries, New Jersey sumac, and New York state hooch (rye, gin and vermouth). Add a lick of Massachusetts maple syrup, and we've got: the Triple Juniper (left), and a Sumac Sour (right).

You can find the juniper cocktail recipe at Gardenista.

Now all I have to do is mix several hundred of them.


  1. I love that you incorporated juniper berries! Best of luck making all of them!

  2. Random comment.....I just finished reading 8 Cold-Climate Flowering Shrubs and Small Trees for Early Spring on GARDENISTA and was busy taking notes when I noticed the author's name! I can always count on you to expand my plant vocabulary. Thank you! I have never heard of Edgeworthia and am very interested to see if I can find it here in S. Central Pa.


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