Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Painted weeds

This large first-and-last-edition book arrived in a padded envelope the other day. 

My friend Don had mentioned it: Weeds of Crops and Gardens in Southern Africa, published in 1985. I remember 1985. My braces were off, my contacts were in, and I had my first modeling contract.

I bought it with a click of a mouse. You know me. I like weeds. And I love this book. The illustrations are beautiful - the artist is Barbara Jeppe. I'd love to own some of her prints. I wonder where her originals live? If they live.

Each entry tells you what the weed is, what pestilential effects it has, and how to kill it.

And, occasionally, which bits of it are edible.



  1. Boy, would i love a book on weeds of the southern U.S. Maybe there is one. Must check Amazonv... right now. This one actually looks lovely. I really like good botanical illustration. (Rambling. clearly too much caffeine this morning!)

  2. I love botanical art. I also love that she has a Wikipedia entry. My kind of celebrity.

  3. So glad you found one, the illustrations really are lovely and you can just ignore the advice to slop herbicide everywhere!


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