Thursday, March 24, 2016

Prospect Park Forage Walk


Prospect Park
10 April 2016 (changed from 9 April on account of weather)
12pm - 2pm

Prospect Park is home to a diverse collection of plants, with the orderly fields giving way to wilder sections where invasive edibles flourish. (The route of this walk is the same as last October's in the park, and this is a good opportunity to experience the transformation that a new season brings to a landscape.)

Edible plants we will encounter will include field garlic (the wild answer to garlic, chives and scallions), garlic mustard (like broccoli rabe crossed with garlic), dead nettle (totally edible but terribly boring unless you spike it with soy and chiles), young and tender mugwort (one of my favorite wild herbs), and dandelions, plus many more - every walk is a surprise. Our walk snack will probably feature field garlic in some way...

Garlic mustard

We will identify indigenous plants along  the way, such as serviceberry and pokeweed, and perhaps even May apples, if we get that far.

This walk begins at Prospect Park's western corner (the park is shaped somewhat like a diamond standing on its point) and works east across the Olmsted-designed landscape's midriff. Please note that the end point is not where we begin.

Japanese knotweed

We meet at 12pm sharp at the park entrance at Prospect Park West and Prospect Park Southwest. The F and G stop there at the Prospect Park subway stop. At the other end, the Prospect Park Q stop is close by (and so is the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, if you have energy to spare). Details will be emailed to confirmed walkers in the week before the walk.


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